janice l says…


Janice L

“Taking classes with Eva is always a real treat – her energy and enthusiasm for teaching are contagious. From the start of every class, we really dive into everything. There is no topic off limits, which always makes for some extra entertainment… people ask some of the funniest questions. I don’t know how she always has the answers, but she is like a walking, talking, laughing (and always smiling) encyclopedia.

And she tells it like it is, gives you all those little details to make everything EASY. She even tells you what not to do, keeps you laughing when she tells anecdotes about the lessons she learned the hard way.

There is simply no way to walk out of one of Eva’s classes without a smile. And you definitely leave knowing ALL there is to know to go home and make the same tasty dish yourself. And everything is so tasty. Ridiculously tasty.

Not to mention, the materials are always so professional and thorough. I can’t say enough good things about learning and playing in the kitchen in private classes with Eva or in one of the big group classes. I have never been disappointed.”