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Uncooking School Class

Uncooking School Class ~ Photo by Tessa Kidd :)

What originally started as private classes and potlucks to sold-out classes in a clubhouse in Florida to sold-out classes in a restaurant then to a bed and breakfast offering raw food… has morphed into something much bigger.

Since the beginning, I (=Eva ~ Hi!) have now led classes in every kind of environment ~ training to professional chefs in cooked restaurants ~ working as the teaching chef for raw restaurants ~ helping open and improve on raw restaurants ~ helping others to start their own teaching and catering businesses ~ and really, even more.

Most of what you will find from Raw BnB is a full vacation ~ everything included with no hidden costs or need to plan for your food or entertainment.

So, I guess you could say it’s kind of like a cross between a traveling dance troupe (but without dancers) + professional chef school + luxury mansion + fully planned vacation.

What you will generally find in the planned vacations are the following perks:

  • fabulous accommodations
  • beautiful, sought-after destinations
  • fresh juices and smoothies in the morning
  • organic, local, gourmet yet light-feeling cuisine
  • no secrets ~ all recipes are shared and demonstrated

The Kitchen!

The Kitchen!

And mixed with all the above, you will have like-ish-minded folks (you can only be so like minded! ~ we know you’re not sheeple ~ but you will find an amazingly brilliant mix of people who are not into just following the masses ~ this is what happens every time ~ it’s the people who break the mold who come on these vacations).

There is an agenda of sorts, yes.

But the top priority? That your goals ~ of relaxation ~ learning ~ growth ~ entertainment ~ fun ~ whatever they may be ~ are met. You may step away at any time. You may ask whatever questions you like. You may watch or join in on the fun.

This isn’t the sort of thing where you will find that from 7:04pm until 7:28pm you will be eating dinner, followed by 17 minutes of relaxation, 50 minutes of yoga and 16 minutes of questions.

Life just doesn’t work that way.

And neither do we.

By the way, the bed & breakfast space we have chosen to use for those vacations hosted on Martha’s Vineyard has:

  • the most amazing kitchen ever, which you can USE to play and learn
  • a dynamic entertainment area with…
  • a pool table
  • full theater with TONS of movies (like a video shop, really)
  • sauna
  • gym (with a spare shower and bathroom separate from your room)
  • commercial laundry room (which you are welcome to use)
  • full library and office (which you are welcome to use)

Your Sleeping Quarters

Your Sleeping Quarters

And that doesn’t even include the bedrooms, which are plush and cheerful (but not too bright). All guest rooms come equipped with a private luxury bathroom and basic+ toiletries.

The luxury home is located in Vineyard Haven just steps from the year-round ferry, Main Street, an indoor pool and luxury spa, Lagoon Pond, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Lovely Luxury

Lovely Luxury

Entertainment Space

Entertainment Space