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Uncooking 101

Uncooking 101 ~ Photo by Tessa Kidd :)

Hi! It’s Eva here. I’m free writing from the heart, and I hope you are reading with your heart. OK, OK, I know you’re really reading with your eyes, but I just hope your heart is a part of it. (Please tell me that made you laugh. If not, reread it with a smile. Then keep reading. Please!)

This is me, being real about what you should expect from me in general and when you come to a Raw BnB event.

I have co-teachers who are, just fabulous. Sometimes. And sometimes I am the whole show. It depends on the size and the goal of the event. I try to at least have someone helping with dishes even for the smallest events, because I do not enjoy teaching and chopping and dishes simultaneously.

I am
*frank, as in, very honest.
*honest in a kind way.
*honest in a brutal way.

I answer
every question that comes my way.

When I say
“every question” I mean, every question.

So don’t
be shy. And when I say “don’t be shy” I mean, don’t be shy.

Sometimes I don’t
know the answers. I’m OK with that. In that case I tell you what I do know and what makes logical sense to me. And that maybe someone else out there Really Knows the Answer.

I share
everything. I mean that. There is nothing I can think of off of the top of my head that I won’t tell you about starting or furthering a raw business.

I’m not
trying to trick you into signing up for a bigger program down the road.

My goal
is to help you to be in control and self sufficient. The king or queen of your own life and your own health.

I am not
a personal chef. That is not my most useful level of service.

I do not
cater to only certain income brackets.

I believe
true freedom is found in health, amongst other things, but definitely in health.

I do not believe in
deprivation. Raw. And deprivation do not belong in the same sentence.

I ramble.

No, usually
I ramble.

Make that, all the livelong day
I ramble.

But not
excessively. In my opinion. ;)

I am not
a scientist.

But I
“get it”. I understand a heck of a lot more than most about the body. What is common sense for me, is not common for most.

Our bodies are
wonderfully made. They are made to work. And play. And have fun. Definitely not to hurt!

I value
my time and yours.

Group programs mean
you get a lot of bang for your buck.

I am good at
what I do. People seek me out.

If I were to coach you
individually, it would take a lot of my time away from group classes.

you should know I charge a lot for private coaching.

I would
teach everything I teach for free if money did not buy books and food.

I do,
*however, have a business to run.
*offer free advice (under certain circumstances ~ often) and classes to those who truly cannot afford them (when my schedule permits ~ at the very least during the monthly potlucks).
*split up payments as needed ~ when it does not negatively affect my personal expenditures from an event.

I do not

if you annoy me (most people don’t) or are not that nice, please don’t expect special treatment.

In fact,
I treat everyone really, really well.

But don’t even think about
walking all over me.

No one
takes advantage of me.

I am
always in control of what I allow and do not allow.

Don’t like my style?
Don’t come. Or don’t stay.

Do you like to have fun? Be real? Stand up for yourself? Control of your life and health?
Please come. You’ll be so glad you did.

And while you’re at it,
invite a friend who deserves this kind of fun.

By the way,
I’m not perfect.

But that’s OK.
I’m pretty good at running with whatever comes my way. It’s called life. And going with the flow.

See you soon,
I hope. Maybe! ;)

xxo Eva