marina beaty says…

marina beaty

Marina Beaty

Eva, Let me tell you something… You have a gift from God… You have the taste and abilities to put meals together that really taste good… Maybe I’m not a professional restaurant taster, but I grew up in a restaurant because my mom owned a few very successful and prestigious restaurants in Europe. I also traveled to many places in the world and had eaten at many wonderful gourmet restaurants.

During the seven days of your classes I tried your recipes and I [am] amazed how tasteful they are… I’m not new to the raw or living food cuisine (have been almost 4 years on raw vegan diet). I do lots of experiments on my husband who is not a raw vegan (yet!). He loves your recipes!!!

I would recommend your classes to the people who are new to the raw vegan diet as well as to the people who has been for a while on living food diet and wants some fresh ideas…

Thank you so much Eva…”

–Marina Beaty, 3D Health & Wellness