sarah gallagher says…

Sarah Gallagher

Sarah Gallagher and kids, New York

Hi Eva…
I just wanted to extend again my thanks and appreciation for the opportunity to participate in the vacation/class. It was really just exactly what I needed! Your commitment to this lifestyle and grace in the kitchen certainly were apparent even with the challenges that presented themselves! It was great to get to know more… particularly since I really do not interact with hardly anyone who is also “really raw”. Thank you! Thank you!

I made your own raw pizza with my kids and they loved it! They want me to teach a class with raw pizza, salad and raw ice cream for children & families! The scones (I made them with dried apricots instead of raisins) were also a big hit. Linden wants them with coconut creme for his birthday! Thank you for developing yummy recipes that have brought raw excitment to my kids…YAY!

My children ate raw until dinner today (papa fed them dinner rice noodles at least with raw marinara!) they were so proud.

So I did it and now have and got go daddy hosting with wordpress for a 3-month term in case that was not a good choice. So now to build a website and blog?!?! yikes…I will start small but have been having infinite ideas about preordered pizza (have I mentioned how much we all love the pizza!?!) and salad nights and also preorder raw thanksgiving dinners, halloween treats, stocking stuffers…now I just need some elves or maybe goblins ;) ~

Hope you are enjoying the island breezes!
thanks again for the inspiration and information! ~Sarah